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Please add 2D sketch only if you do not have one to provide. FAQ

Don’t just tell the value of your property. Show it.

A 3D rendering shows off your property in pixel-perfect detail. It conveys the layout in a way that’s instantly understandable and answers every conceivable question a guest may have about layout, usage, size and style.

Your rendering will help you stand out from the competition, help you avoid answering obvious questions from prospects, and land you more instant bookings. 


The whole package, this product includes interior and exterior. A great option if you'd like to show off your yard and natural surroundings. Includes interior and exterior furnishings including exterior landscaping and special features such as pools, spas, tennis courts, etc.


Once we receive the info required to start your order, you'll get your completed rendering within a week, and each revision (2 total) in about 3 days.


After Purchase:

  • You will receive an email (check spam folder if you don't receive within 2 minutes)
  •  Upload your floor plan and link to your property
  • Receive first rendering back within a week 

For edits: 

  • Mark up edits either using preview or paint. 
  • Print out rendering and write on it then upload. 
  • For more detailed instructions follow this link: https://www.3dmyrental.com/a/faq#Revisions-4 



  • While video seems like the obvious way to give prospects a feel of the property, surveys show they may do more harm than good. 
  • Most videos are narrow in scope, unprofessional and poorly lit, thereby conveying an underwhelming representation of your space.
  • Videos also require great skill and setup to look appealing, as walking through a house with a standard lens makes rooms look smaller and more cramped.
  • Alternatively, a 3D render conveys the layout, décor and special features in a glance, making for a more efficient shopping experience. The house comes across as pristine and perfected as everything in the home—from the art to the interior pain to the wood finish to the furniture—look flawless within the render. 


  • If you aren’t familiar with Matterport, it’s a zoomable “doll house” view of a property based on stitched together 3D images.
  • It seems appealing at first until you realize the roadblocks that make it an annoying hindrance for both renters and owners.
  • Not only are all Matterport models required to be hosted on the Matterport website, but they also cost a steep monthly hosting fee that must be paid for as long as you want to show off the models.
  • Matterport loads slowly, is prone to processing errors, and requires an in-person professional to come 3D photograph the home, which can be very expensive. 
  • Meanwhile, our 3D renders only have to be purchased once while also being able to be hosted directly as images on AirBnB, unlike Matterport. They load just as fast as any other hosted picture and also don’t require any photography or on-site visits.
  • 3D renders are easier, faster, more explanative, and require less overhead than Matterport imaging.



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