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What makes 3DMyRental's floor plans more effective than standard photographs or videos in my property listings?

Our 3D floor plans transform the way guests interact with your property listings. Unlike static photographs or lengthy videos, our floor plans provide an instant, comprehensive view of your space. They allow guests to understand the layout, flow, and scale of your property at a glance, making it easier for them to envision themselves in the space. This level of detail not only enhances the user experience but also leads to a higher confidence in booking decisions, often resulting in fewer questions and more instant bookings for our hosts.

Can 3D floor plans really impact my rental’s booking rates?

Yes, they can. Properties featuring 3D floor plans often see an uptick in booking rates. This visual tool not only distinguishes your listing but also provides potential renters with a clear and immediate understanding of what to expect, reducing hesitation and encouraging quicker booking decisions. Our clients have reported a notable decrease in the time their properties stay on the market after including 3D floor plans in their listings.

What constitutes a floor?

Independently, distinctively stacked floors, and any detached structure. For instance a detached garage, or an ADU constitutes an additional floor. 

What format is the file prepared in?

You will receive the final renderings in an image formatted file (JPG or PNG)

How large are the files?

Files range in size between 2MB and 10MB, depending on the floor size, detail and exterior inclusion

What is 3DMyRental branding?

3DMyRental Branding is our logo that we post discreetly along side your 3D Renderings. 

Do you offer bulk pricing?

We offer discounts when submitting orders for 4 or more properties.

I want to get a 3D rendering done but can't afford it. Is there anything I can do?

Absolutely! We can split up the payment for you. Just send an email to and we will work something out. 

What if I don't have a sketch?

Of course, we prefer you have a professionally prepared floor plan by CAD, but we can still get the job done via other means:

1) Most property appraisals (if you can find yours) will include a property sketch. All will identify the outside perimeter to calculate square footage; while some will go as far to include interior rooms and walls.

The identification of windows, exterior doors, internal walls, doors and room labeling is important. Please be sure to markup your appraisal sketch before submitting to us.

2) Hand Sketch: Take out a piece of blank paper, or grid paper, and draw, in pencil, the interior layout from memory (or while doing a walk-through of the house). Start with the exterior for each floor, identifying doors, decks and windows. Then move to the inside, starting with walls then adding details like doors, closets, counters, bathtubs, etc. Be sure to label each room, and good news, there's no extra points for style :)

3) A video walk-through: With your smartphone, take one long video, or a series of videos, walking and talking as you go through the property. Believe it or not, our artist will figure it out! This combined with at least a rough sketch of the interior should be sufficient (we'll let you know if we require the 2D rendering step)

And lastly, if any of these 3 solutions fail, there is yet another way. We provide a service that will do it for you! That's right, we have professional CAD artists that can produce a digital 2D plan from just the photos and a "best effort" rough sketch (low-detail sketch). This service is provided for a nominal fee and can be selected as an option at check-out.

Are floor plans or sketches necessary to do a rendering?

Yes, a floor plan enables the artist to accurately derive the exterior walls of your dwelling. Additionally a good sketch will identify the location of exterior doors and windows. When it comes to the inside, it's also important to know the layout which includes interior walls, rooms, and doors plus the location of closets, kitchen counters, bath vanities and tubs, plus special features like fireplaces, stairs, etc.

Does the 2D floor plan (sketch) need to show the location of furnishings?

No, but the position of furniture, especially couches, chairs and beds ensures your renderings are as accurate as possible. A detailed, CAD generated, sketch with furnishings is always the best.

Can you prepare 3D imaging of the landscaping and outside features?

Yes we can. It is sold as a standalone product. 

Can I select fabric on furniture, cushions, carpet, curtains, etc?

Yes, the artists have a wide variety colors and fabrics in their library and should be able to match it quite closely.

How do the artists choose furnishings and fabrics?

The artist will look at your online listing and will use the photos for reference.

How long does it take to get my first draft?

Within a week.

How many revisions are included?

You get 2 revisions with the option to purchase additional revisions. Each additional revision is $50. Most renderings are completed by the second revision.

How much do extra revisions cost?

$50 per additional revision  

How do I upload my revisions?

From within the conversation log, select the attachment button to upload revision files from your device.

How do I edit the drafts?

You can either print out the photo and hand write on it, take a picture and upload; or you can edit the image utilizing a number of mockup editing apps like Microsoft Paint or Apple's Preview. (In Mac, choose open with Preview, and then click the marker with circle to be able to make edits) Save the files and upload from your device into the conversation log. Click here for an example.

Can I get a different angle of my rendering?

Yes. Additional angles of view are $50 per floor. 

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