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How the Data Supports it

An independent market research survey involving 350 frequent travelers who recently booked Airbnb stays revealed a notable insight: 75% found listing photos disorienting or overwhelming. Interestingly, half of these guests didn't seek clarity from hosts, opting to explore other properties instead!

Ensure your listing doesn't face this issue by opting for a floor plan!

3D Image or a Video Walkthrough?

63% said they'd rather look at a still 3D image than take the time to interact with a video when making their booking decision.

Influence on booking decision

58% said that renderings would greatly assist them in choosing one property over another, while only 11% said renderings would not be helpful.

Furthermore, 84% said a rendering would make them more likely to instant book a property.

They’re Unique and Honest

More than half (56%) agreed that 3D renderings give the impression that the host is honest. This is important because first impressions are everything.

If a potential renter sees that you've gone above and beyond to put your best foot forward, they'll be more likely to book with you over another host.

Even more, 40% of renters believe 3D renderings can only help increase the value and conversion of a rental listing.


Select Your Product


Select the product you wish to have, identify the number of floors, then add to cart and make payment.


Submit Your Information


An order confirmation email will be sent instantly. 

Follow the link to our portal to complete a brief information form, including two important items: a link to your listing and a 2-dimensional floor plan sketch. 

(for various ways to satisfy this

requirement see our FAQs for sketch info).


Review & Edit to Completion


Within a week, you will be notified by email with a link to view/download your first rendering. 

Choose “Accept” or “I Still Need Changes.” For changes, upload a file with your edits and/or provide a narrative in the comment section, and we will work with the two revisions included in your order to get it right. 

We will be sure to call you if we need any clarification along the way. 

Ultimately, you will have a high-resolution, customized 3D rendering of your vacation rental that you can upload as a JPG or PNG file in your listings’ photo galleries.

How Our Renderings Equate to More Bookings

Start increasing your bookings with a 3D floor plan!

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How it's Made

Learn how 3DMyRental makes your rendering!

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