Why A 3D Floor Plan Is Better Than A Video Walk Through

Explaining a property layout to a potential renter can be challenging when all you are using are photos. This is why people in the industry came up with property videography. However, even a video walkthrough can often fall short of presenting your property in its full glory. And that is why 3D floor plans become necessary. 


A 3D floor plan is much more effective than a video walkthrough for various reasons. For instance, a client has to watch a half-minute-long video walkthrough multiple times to get the idea you are trying to convey. And that is time-consuming and a test of patience. In contrast, a 3D floor plan does the same job more effectively in seconds. 


Are you an Airbnb host or a property manager looking for a better way to present your estate to clients? Well, then the following discussion will surely be worth your time. 



What Is 3D-Rendering Of A Property?


A 3D floor plan is a photo-realistic image of a property layout in a two-dimensional plane. To create such an image, architects or designers will use 3D software (such as Matterport) that builds the render based on the provided information and 2D sketches of the property. 


The 3D floor plan does the same thing a video home walkthrough will do, but even better. For instance, a video walkthrough aims to create a three-dimensional idea of the property in the client's mind. And this can only happen when the customer has viewed it multiple times. In contrast, 3D floor renderings convey the same idea more accurately and more directly. 


Types Of 3D Floor Plan Renderings 


There are mainly three types of 3D designs for a property. You can get a 3D render of your property's interior, exterior, and aerial view. Among these, the 3D layout organization of the property's interior is most important. Because visualizing the detailed interior of a house is the toughest for the client. 


A 3D exterior rendering is also helpful for hosts to showcase their property. These designs show how the property looks or will look from the outside. However, it is mainly used by builders for selling project ideas. In the same way, Aerial renderings are used to show how the property looks from above and syncs with the environment. 


With the advancement in virtual reality technologies, 3D virtual tours will probably be the next big thing in 3D floor plan renderings. Instead of looking at a 3D image of the inside of a house, clients will be able to take virtual tours of it. As a result, the difference between concept and reality will further decrease. 



Reasons 3D Floor Plan Is Better Than A Video Walk Through


3D floor plans are better than a video walkthrough for many reasons. For instance, it is easier for the client to understand because most clients lack the patience to figure out the layout organization from a video walkthrough. 


But when you give them a 3D floor plan, they don't have to do all that work in their head. They can get the idea you are trying to convey just by looking at the 3D design. As a result, it saves energy and effort for both parties. Plus, there is no misunderstanding regarding the plan of the property. 


Compel The Client To Choose You


When you provide a 3D floor plan to the clients, you do them a favor. They don't have to waste time figuring out your property details from the video walkthrough. Also, instead of a vague idea of the interior designs, they know how the arrangements are in reality for a fact.


As a result, it is easier for the client to make detailed planning like sleeping arrangements, the number of rooms they need, and so on. Therefore, the clients will feel more confident in choosing your property. 


Plus, they know you are an honest host who hides nothing. Consequently, this keeps you ahead of your rental business competitors who are still using video walk-throughs.  


Get A Marketing Advantage


Compared to a video home walkthrough, a 3D floor plan is more interesting. First of all, it is beautiful to look at. Secondly, the client can get more information out of it in less time. Therefore, a 3D design can effectively attract clients to your property. 


Also, many good properties don't get the expected amount of business just because they lack proper presentation. And this can be effectively solved by 3D floor plan renderings because 3D designs present the features of your property before the clients in the best possible way. 


Therefore, you get a marketing advantage when using 3D rentals instead of video walkthroughs. In other words, 3D floor plans can increase your income from a property. 


Reduce Incidents Of Misunderstanding 


A 3D floor plan layout informs the client precisely what they are getting into. As a result, the chances of any misunderstanding are significantly reduced. In contrast, this kind of risk is too high with a video home walkthrough. Because a client might have gotten a different idea about your property than what it actually is. 


Such incidents of misunderstanding can be deadly for your business because the client might take you as a fraud or dishonest person and express these thoughts in a review on the internet. So, to keep things clear between both parties, use a 3D rendering of the floor plan layout. 



3D My Rental: Get Fast Renders For Your Property


At 3D My Rental, we understand your situation as a rental property owner. Because we ourselves have been in the same line of business. And we created this service when trying to find ways to attract more guests to our rental properties. Today, our team consists of top-notch programmers, designers, and real estate experts.


So, we encourage you to trust us to create 3D designs of your property layout. And the best thing is we do it really fast. All you need to do is supply us with a 2D sketch of your property and a link to the listing. After that, you will get the 3D render for your property in only five days. 


Don't worry about the sketch. Although we prefer professionally prepared sketches, you can provide hand sketches too if you want. After completion, we will deliver you the 3D render in a 3 to 5 MB PNG file. And all of these services will cost you much less than what is typically expected. 





3D floor plan renderings can dramatically increase your rental property bookings. Plus, it is the most honest and straightforward way of presenting your property to the clients compared to all other methods. 


As a result, you will have more happy clients that will keep returning and recommend you to others.  


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