Top 4 Airbnb Photo Mistakes

4 Mistakes on Your Airbnb Listing Photos and How to Fix Them

If a picture tells a thousand words, how do you think the ones that scream "Stay Away!!" show?

We spoke with a professional photographer and got his opinion on what dissuades renters - and what captures eyeballs.

Photo Overkill.

We see you - overzealous hosts. We love the coffee machine ammentity with all of the different flavors, but we don't need the 5 additional photos of different ephemera on your countertop! The longer it takes to piece together the home, the more likely a renter is going to move on to the next property.

Pro Tip: Get one gorgeous shot highlighting the ammentity with the extras strategically placed in the photo.

Dungeon Stay Anyone?

Lighting people, lighting! Nobody wants to go on vacation to sulk in a dark, uninviting place. A dark room makes the place look dingy.

Pro Tip: Get your photos taken early in the afternoon to capture as much natural light as you can! Have a dark room? Turn on all the lights in your photo! Even the accent lighting. It can make a world of a difference.

Yawn-Worthy Lead Photos.

Having a bad lead photo is almost as bad as having no photos! If you have a bad lead photo forget anyone even clicking your listing and looking at the rest of your images.

Pro Tip: What's the best feature of your home? Is it the new kitchen? The architectural digest worthy bedroom? The stunning lake front views? Remember, emotions sell. Post your lead photo as something that will resonate with the traveler. And don't forget to make it bright and airy!

"I'm confused....."

Having photos with only one angle of each room can really confuse renters. If it's hard for them to understand the layout - guess what, half as likely to move on to the next property instead of asking you a question!

Pro Tip: Take multiple angles of each room. Or better yet, get a 3D renderinig of your home to ensure you tell the story exactly of how your home lives! Order yours here.

How'd Your Photos Rank?

You must have the ability to recognize good design and good user experience. These are core things at AirBnb. It doesn't matter which department you're in.

- Joe Gebbia -

Founder of Airbnb

Do you think all of your photos hit the nail in the head?

Are you getting lots of views + bookings?

What do you do with your Airbnb listing photos to stand out?

What mistakes would you add to this blog? Let us know in the comments!




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