How This Host Beat the Slow Season

In our newest series, we interview a past customer after they've had their floor plan renderings implemented for a while and catch up with them to learn of the benefits since adding them.

This week, we interviewed Chris, owner of the beautiful Stunning Serene Bali Retreat located on the Big Island, Hawaii, a typically seasonal destination. In this interview, he tells us how 3DMyRental helped him to stay busy in the slow season.

Read on to learn Chris' story.

"I have seen my bookings increase since I put them up so I was able to raise prices. This investment easily paid for itself in a few weeks!"
-Chris of Stunning Serene Bali Retreat

Why did you decide to get a 3d rendering done?

Someone posted their 3D renderings in a Facebook group for STR hosts and it really impressed me. We had just gone live with a new property and I was concerned about the photos not giving a sense of the layout for this unique property.

What were your expectations about getting a 3D rendering done with 3dMyRental?

I wanted to avoid unhappy guests who had bad surprises related to the layout of the property, and I also wanted to make it easier for potential guests to visualize themselves in our place. We have 3 bedrooms, where 2 share a bathroom and the master is upstairs and requires going to an outdoor staircase to get to. Typing this out would not be very interesting, but showing it is much more likely to be noticed.


Were you happy with the process? Was it painful, easy?

The process was great! I’ve hired people to make 2D floor plans before and it took FOREVER to get a revision back (months!), you guys were never more than a day or 2.


You were actually the first customer we created 2D sketches for!
Did you find that part of the process valuable?

Yes! It certainly helped to get that right first before going vertical. Just like building a foundation first then adding walls.


Do you think its made a difference with your travelers?

I believe it has since we have stayed booked through the slow Fall season.

As far as investment goes, how do you think our service has served you? Do you think its working and brought in more bookings?

I think it is working and I’m glad I did it! The image exceeded my expectations and I plan to make more of them for my other properties! I got the “whole enchilada” with 2 stories and inside/outside detail. Getting bookings are just as important as avoiding a bad match and so far every guest has loved our place.

Thanks for the interview Chris! Is there anything else you'd like to share with our readers?

Don’t hesitate to get this if you have a unique layout or potential guests inquiring over something a 3D model might answer. The price is reasonable and the response time is speedy!


We're so glad the renderings are working out for Chris and so many of our other customers! For our readers, take a look at his gorgeous property! 

Before we published our blog, we had sent Chris our market research survey results sharing how beneficial renderings are to renters when they're making their booking decision. You can find that blog here. This was his response!


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A Collection of Actual Renters' Opinions on our 3D Renderings

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