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Let your 3D render be your secret weapon in getting more rental bookings

  • Shows details and gives overall idea of what your house looks like

  • Eliminates the back and forth questions

  • Makes your property stand out against other homes in a saturated market

    Performs better than Matterport in research studies

Most renders sent within 5 business days

100% Satisfaction guarantee. 

No need for an onsite visit--we do it all virtually

Realistic--we match your materials and furnishings very closely

How 3DMyRental is going to get you more bookings

Being STR owners ourselves, we stand behind our product 100%

It's an instant gratification world, so give them every reason to instantly book. Don't let layout ambiguity dissuade your prospects. Instead, wow them with your design and, at a mere glance, let them see all your property has to offer

  • Supported by AirBNB & VRBO

  • Captures more instant bookings

  • Engages the emotional and visual traveler

  • Protects you against fraudulent complaints claiming the property is "not as described"

  • Allows travelers to organize their group

Real Reviews from Real People

  • 600+

The Data Behind It

In a market research study with over 350 respondents who answered qualifying questions of traveling in the last 24 months along with booking an Airbnb in the last 24 months, we found that more than 75% of travelers say they get confused when looking at a listing's photos, and half of those travelers don't ask the host questions and instead move on to the next property.

3D Image or a Video Walkthrough?

63% said they'd rather look at a still 3D image than take the time to interact with a video when making their booking decision.

Influence on booking decision

58% said that renderings would greatly assist them in choosing one property over another, while only 11% said renderings would not be helpful.

Furthermore, 84% said a rendering would make them more likely to instant book a property.

They’re Unique and Honest

More than half (56%) agreed that 3D renderings give the impression that the host is honest. This is important because first impressions are everything.

If a potential renter sees that you've gone above and beyond to put your best foot forward, they'll be more likely to book with you over another host.

Even more, 40% of renters believe 3D renderings can only help increase the value and conversion of a rental listing.

Turn more lookers into bookers

Order now to win more bookings!

3D Floor Plan with no Furnishings

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3D floor plan rendering with no furnishings
1 floor2 floors3 floors4 floors

Travelers love our 3D renderings!

3D Floor Plan Apartment 



Apartment 3d rendering with furnishings

Travelers love our 3D renderings!


3D Floor Plan with Furnishings

3D Floorplan Rendering
1 Floor2 Floors3 Floors4 Floors

Show prudence in your listing


3D Floor Plan Interior with Furnishings Plus Exterior

3D rendering with furnishings plus exterior
1 floor2 floors3 floors4 floors

Stand out from the competition

Don't take our word for it

If one picture speaks a thousand pictures; a single rendering brings a hundred images to life

 "It is amazing to me the level of detail that you are able to put into these drawings, from capturing all the different colors, textures, and elements, and then bringing them all to life. It is truly a spectacular representation of my cabin and I feel it will provide me a competitive edge in my STR market while simultaneously benefiting our guests understanding of the space, prior to booking. Thank you too, for all your timely change requests and professionalism throughout the process." 

Nick Bosley

Owner of the Dancing Bear Lodge in Arizona

"3dMyRental is amazing! They work diligently to ensure your property is perfect. They are easy to work with and quick as well as efficient. I can not recommend them enough!! Thank you so much!"

Rebekah Reynolds

Owner of 3BR/3BA Condo in TN

“Often the skeptic, I questioned the ROI on this investment, but after I started getting raving traveler feedback about how enticing and helpful the renderings were, I was assured. With my rental having 3 floors and 6 bedrooms, I didn’t realize just how confusing it could be to potential renters trying to figure out the flow and sleeping arrangements. I think the 3D renderings take the guesswork out and compel some potential renters, who may have otherwise left, to stay on my listing and ultimately book.”

Martin Williams

Owner of Mt. Villa

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We Couldn’t Have Said It Better Ourselves

See why renters love our renderings!

3D Floorplan Rendering


3D Floor Plan Rendering with Furnishings

Renters love these renderings!

1 Floor2 Floors3 Floors4 Floors


• Includes interior furniture

• Patio and deck furnishings are considered interior

• Landscaping sold as separate product

• You will receive your first rendering within 5 business days


1. Place your order

• Check email (check junk too) and click link to upload property  information

2. Upload floor plan sketch (find this in your appraisal) or a video walkthrough to link provided after purchase

• Get first render back within 5 business days

3. Mark up edits and email back

4. Add to your gallery!

  • Shows details and gives overall idea of what the house will look like

  • Eliminates the back and forth questions

  • Makes your property stand out against other homes in a saturated market

  • Unlike other third party sites, your renderings will work with AirBNB

  • Shows details and gives overall idea of what the house will look like

  • Eliminates the back and forth questions

  • Makes your property stand out against other homes in a saturated market

  • Unlike other floor plans that are hosted by third party sites, our renderings are acceptable to use on AirBNB

See how our renderings are made

We work with top notch designers to make you the perfect rendering

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Questions, Answered.

Still have questions? Chat with us here or email us at

What if I don't have a floor plan?

That's alright! We have alternative methods.

Of course, we prefer you have a professionally prepared floor plan by CAD, but we can still get the job done via other means:

1) Most property appraisals (if you can find yours) will include a property sketch. All will identify the outside perimeter to calculate square footage; while some will go as far to include interior rooms and walls.

The identification of windows, exterior doors, internal walls, doors and room labeling is important. Please be sure to markup your appraisal sketch before submitting to us.

2) Hand Sketch: Take out a piece of blank paper, or grid paper, and draw, in pencil, the interior layout from memory (or while doing a walk-through of the house). Start with the exterior for each floor, identifying doors, decks and windows. Then move to the inside, starting with walls then adding details like doors, closets, counters, bathtubs, etc. Be sure to label each room, and good news, there's no extra points for style :)

3) A video walk-through: With your smartphone, take one long video, or a series of videos, walking and talking as you go through the property. Believe it or not, our artist will figure it out! This combined with at least a rough sketch of the interior should be sufficient (we'll let you know if we require the 2D rendering step)

And lastly, if any of these 3 solutions fail, there is yet another way. We provide a service that will do it for you! That's right, we have professional CAD artists that can produce a digital 2D plan from just the photos and a "best effort" rough sketch (low-detail sketch). This service is provided for a nominal fee and can be selected as an option at check-out.

Can I select fabric on furniture, cushions, carpet, curtains, etc?

Yes, the artists have a wide variety colors and fabrics in their library and should be able to match it quite closely.

How do I edit the drafts?

You can either print out the photo and hand write on it, take a picture and upload; or you can edit the image utilizing a number of mockup editing apps like Microsoft Paint or Apple's Preview. (In Mac, choose open with Preview, and then click the marker with circle to be able to make edits) Save the files and upload from your device into the conversation log. 

Do you offer bulk pricing?

Yes we do! Reach out to us at about bulk pricing.

What format will I receive the rendering in?

You will receive your rendering in a PNG format. 

What's the ordering and fulfillment process?

Step 1: Select Product, add to cart, and pay

Step 2: Respond to link in email to upload a link to your listing and a 2D property sketch via the 3DMyRental portal.

Step3: Await and find your first rendering proof in the portal.

Step 4: Download proof. Make edits and upload.

Step 5: Repeat with proof 2 and fine tune until satisfied.

Step 6: Accept final rendering, download and save for your own, unrestricted, use.

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Ouch! - That's abandonment!

Over 70% of your visitors do just that and never return. 

With a 3D floor plan from 3DMyRental, you're giving yourself every opportunity to save that unsure traveler from leaving your listing and capturing a new booking. 

If our renderings could capture just half of those unsure visitors, would it not be worth it? 

  • An investment that pays itself for years to come in extra bookings

  • Trusted by more than 150 Airbnb hosts

  • Compatible with Airbnb & VRBO

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